Who We Are

Mendonça Costa & Sons, the company Mendonça Costa & Sons is a family business established in 2007, originated by the restructuring of Carlos Alberto Lopes company (existing since 1990). The renewed compromise between father and sons lead to the strengthening of values and business mission previously developed by its founder, Carlos Alberto Lopes Costa, with a new contemporary commitment in what concerns innovation and quality of service, in light of the emerging trends. The new company, Medonça Costa & Sons, develops its activity in the area of food and restaurant industry, taking on the challenge of opening an eclectic, welcoming and cozy space, where quality is guaranteed. The first renovated space - Bar Caldeiras, opened on August 20th  of 2009, with distinct areas for bar, snack-bar/pub and billiards. Former customers immediately returned and many new ones followed. The opening of the restaurant – Caldeiras & Vulcões, took place on July 14th of 2011. With a renovated modern kitchen and a challenging coherent concept in tune with the Furnas´ surrounding landscape, the Caldeiras & Vulcões has trodden a path to notoriety. More recently, in 2014, the company started a new line of business with the creation and production of the famous trademark Queijadas de Inhame das Furnas®. This new age dessert appears in the azorean market thanks to the innovation applied to use local endogenous products and the inspirational playfulness of Chef Paulo Mendonça Costa. Since its start, the company, managed by Victor and Paulo Mendonça Costa, has grown sustainably and at a steady pace.  It has created eight full-time jobs; with additional part time jobs aswell. The company has stood out among its peers for their commitment and support to the local economy and  for their encouragement on training and local recruitment policy; standing by  the firm conviction that this is the only way by which one can promote a sustainable local development. As part of the local economy, the Mendonça Costa & Sons prefer to work with local producers and suppliers. Their commitment has contributed to achieve notoriety in the Azorean market and beyond. In their young business life they already received several regional as well as international honorable mentions and recommendations.

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