Queijada de Inhame



Since day one Chef Paulo Mendonça Costa envisioned a differentiating sweet that reflected Furnas´s heritage. Using local endogenous products he took refuge in his “laboratory” and almost two years later presented his guests and friends with a small cupcake-like custard  using locally produced coco-yam, or taro root paste as its base.

The “queijadas de inhame” were first put to the test during the first half of 2013, at a special service for the Azores Geopark staff. By the end of 2013 the product was available at the Bar Caldeiras. From the very beginning the new sweet was a hit and soon caught media attention which lead to a quick pre-release of the new product in January 2014;  when a local TV station gave it international visibility (TVI, Luisa Vieira). The official market release of Queijada de Inhame das Furnas® happened in February 2014, at the XII Camelias Economic Activity Fair, at Furnas. Since then, the local and the international market has proved to be very receptive to this new product.

Queijada de inhame das Furnas® became officially a national trade mark in April 2014 (nº 525223).  They are currently being sold at Bar Caldeiras and at the Caldeiras&Vulcões. Surprisingly, or not, the Queijada de inhame das Furnas® quickly reached the four corners of the world!  The product was taken by our customers whom like us value handcrafted products, prepared with quality products which represent the best of the Azores.

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