As local economy stakeholders we always prefer working with local producers and suppliers, as long as they meet our quality standards. We also give priority to local recruitment and invest in training and education.

In 2013 we received the first trainees from the regional Escola de Formação Turística e Hoteleira, in S. Miguel, as interns. Our doors are open whenever we are asked for collaboration in training and education as well as for educational visits. We believe that it is in giving that we receive and that by doing so we can truly contribute to the local development of the place where we choose to live.

Since the beginning we embrace the Azores Geopark project and are proud to be its partners. The Azores Geopark is integrated into the Global Geoparks Network since 2013. We are also partners of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Priolo Lands (CETS- Priolo) for which we were graced with the Priolo ecolabel.

It is our goal to contribute to a future where you can continue to enjoy good quality living standards. Today, we have the opportunity to carry on the legacy left behind by our ancestors using local products, natural materials and keepting with our cultural heritage.

We believe that without a proper management strategy there is no possible sustainable economic development. We invest in partnerships with organizations with whom we share not only business and mission values but also life defining believes.